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Matthew David Parker is a creative and passionate photographer. He is the founder of Matthew David Parker Photography, a professional photography outfit based in New York. The company provides professional on-location and studio photography around the greater New York region. Matthew David Parker has achieved rapid success capturing lasting moments of the busy people in the capital against a backdrop of the beautiful architecture it offers.

Matthew David Parker is passionate about photography and the city of New York. He started taking photos as a hobby. Soon he was able to attract the right kind of attention from fans to turn it into a profitable business. He enjoyed traditional networking by word of mouth from satisfied customers to win more. Soon the hobby started paying the bills, and the rest is history.

He considers New York City the perfect spot for excellent photography for a few intimate reasons. This includes his interactions with various aspects of the city such as the people bustling by, elegantly designed buildings, the freedom in the recreation parks, and the social-economic diversity in their culture.

Photography is an integral part of Matthew David Parker’s life. With so many sights in the city, taking a photo is second nature. Every corner is a favorite spot to snap away some breathtaking pictures. It’s one thing to live in a place that relaxing and stimulates your creativity. It’s quite another privilege to document its history in stunning photographs. Matthew David Parker has found a unique spot to enjoy the best of both worlds here.

Mathew David Parker recently discussed his love for marine life and coral reefs around his native city of New York.

How did you become interested in reefs and marine life?

I am passionate about the arts and culture. I also know that I am gifted with a wonderful photography talent. Marine life is under the constant threat of destruction. Just like the city itself, New York has extensive coral reefs in the Hudson Canyon area, probably the largest in the Atlantic Ocean. The deep-sea corals are home to a diverse range of marine life.

As a professional photographer, I have a responsibility to document the fascinating beauty of marine life. This awareness will encourage more people to conserve and protect the natural habitats for millions of sea creatures.

How big would you say is the perfect size of an aquarium?

Captive breeding is an excellent way to ensure that certain species of marine life do no go extinct. If you consider the natural habitat on the ocean floor, it is open and almost limitless. The same concept should act as a guide. If you think your aquarium is not big enough, it probably is not. Depending on your location and resources, I would suggest you go for the biggest you can sustainably support.

What advice would you give someone inexperienced who wants to try a reef tank for the first time?

It is important to learn about the elements that go into a healthy environment for marine life. Living in New York has enabled me easy access to the vast coral habitats. Visit the reefs for inspiration. Talk to a friend who owns an aquarium. These efforts will enable you to obtain as much information as possible. You may want to start small and see how long you can keep the species in the aquarium healthy. Best of all, be ready to learn and explore a different form of life.

What has aquarium upkeep and tending to the life inside taught you about life?

Life is fragile and short. It is important to be in the right environment for you to enjoy it. Many different elements need to be harmonized for it to make sense. Keeping a healthy aquarium involves a lot of hard work keeping all those elements in balance. So does life. Aquarium upkeep is especially strenuous. This is because we are trying to recreate the natural habitat for numerous sensitive species in a limited space. There are way more things that could go wrong.

Would your aquarium be considered a hobby or a passion? Why?

It started out as a hobby to create awareness about endangered habitats. Just like photography, it has quickly turned into a passion. I am still learning new things about marine life every day. I am in the unique position of being able to use my photography talents to document the life and understand it better. It also empowers me to share the information with millions of people around the world.

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